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Autistic and Disabled

Brandyn Cross is a high functioning autistic, multi-faceted artist whose life almost ended in a serious industrial accident.  After five full years of rehab and recovery, he was essentially left a wheelchair-bound amputee, with severe systemic nerve, tissue and blood damage as well. To the rest of the world, Brandyn was now just another invalid from whom nothing more productive was expected. He had other ideas.  

Brandyn believed that even if his physical potential was diminished, his creative potential had yet to be unleashed. Determined to show the world that even severe obstacles can be overcome, Brandyn began developing, studying and honing his craft, until, ultimately, he turned his ambition into a professional reality. 

Author and Screenwriter

As an accomplished writer, recording artist, songwriter, filmmaker and actor, Brandyn Cross is now a successful multi-media artist. Among his body of written work is the feature film The Legacy, currently in post-production and the recently completed Gary Coleman biography, As if I Never Existed, with Gary’s widow Shannon Price. Brandyn has also optioned and produced multiple feature screenplays and has written over 100 episodes for various TV series and specials.  

Brandyn is presently releasing the first volumes in an epic book series, The Legacy, based on real events, and taken from the writings and correspondences of a terminally ill young boy who is also enduring a life of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. 

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As a singer/songwriter Brandyn scored the international top 10 hits Dear Mr. Jesus and If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me), and the top10 music video I Will Always Love You 

Brandyn is currently GM of Ken Kragen & Associates’ StarPointe Records, the record label to which he is also attached as an artist. He recently won BEST SONG at the prestigious Utah Film Festival & Awards for his composition and recording of Love Again, as featured in the television series Proper Manors. 

Actor and Filmmaker

As an actor and filmmaker, Brandyn has worked on numerous projects such as Unicorn City and The Wayshower, as well as Alienate and Being Charlie with Rob Reiner. He is presently in post-production on his feature directorial debut with the dark Emo drama, The Legacy.

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