Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Brandyn Cross Makes His Debut as a Novelist

Book Cover: The Legacy Series - Book 1 by Brandyn Cross

The Legacy Is an Epic Book Series Based on Real Events 

For immediate release 

Los Angeles, CA: Brandyn Cross, accomplished TV filmmaker, actor and writer and award-winning singer/songwriter, makes his debut as a novelist. “The Legacy Series: Book One,” the first novel in the epic book series, will be released February 18, 2020. Based on real events, writings, and correspondences. “The Legacy Series” tells the story of a terminally ill young boy who is also enduring a life of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.  

“The Legacy Series: Book One” offers a unique, unparalleled glimpse into the mind of abused children amid the hysteria surrounding the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic of the early 1990s. A truly outstanding page-turner. The Legacy Series provides an unprecedented opportunity to experience a real world of childhood desperation and painful secrets. Through first-hand, day-to-day accounts as they occur, a world known by millions of children, but never openly shared with adults emerges.   

In the early days of the Internet, Brandyn (Brandy) Harris builds his private virtual world outside the knowledge of his strict and abusive parents. He finds solace in the messages he exchanges with a close group of virtual teen friends. The style of “The Legacy Series” stands out, as it’s written in the message board format specific to the infant days of the Internet. “The Legacy Series: Book One” reveals the truths kids only tell their friends when they’re away from adult supervision. It also proves that no matter how dreary the circumstances of our lives, we can always choose happiness, a philosophy by which Brandyn Cross himself lives.  

The Author’s Background

Brandyn Cross was born a high functioning autistic with a love of music, books and film. However, he didn’t begin exploring his creative gifts until a severe industrial accident left him a wheelchair-bound amputee. This left him determined to show the world that even severe obstacles can be overcome Brandyn then began studying and honing his craft, until ultimately turning his ambitions into a professional reality.  

“The Legacy Series: Book One” is available in paperback and digital version on Amazon and all other major retailers and bookstores.  

Price: $10.54 

ISBN – 978-1-951674-00-7 

About the Author

Brandyn Cross is a multi-media artist with credits ranging from accomplished writer to recording artist, songwriter, filmmaker, and actor. As a singer/songwriter, Brandyn has scored international top 10 hits. He also won BEST SONG at the prestigious Utah Film Festival & Awards. As an actor and filmmaker, Brandyn has worked on numerous projects such as Unicorn City and The Wayshower. He is presently in post-production on his feature directorial debut with the dark Emo drama, The Legacy.  

Brandyn Cross has optioned and produced multiple feature screenplays and has written over 100 episodes for various TV series and specials. He also wrote the Gary Coleman biography As if I Never Existed.

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