This is the first day of testing to see first-hand about all the hype about CBD oil for alleviating pain. And of course, being the hands on type of guy I am, I’m going to be my first test subject. 

To begin, I’m going to try different Cannabinoid extracts in different areas experiencing different types of pain- and use control areas as well where available- to make the test as conclusive as possible. 

So, day one of testing is in the evening because of the fact that some aspects of pain tend to be worse at night and, in particular, when lying down. 

The first area of testing is on the shoulders. As mentioned before, the indication is that I trashed my rotator cuffs by doing- out of necessity- physical activities beyond my physical capabilities. And I found out that, despite what I may want to think, the limits put on my physical exertion are there for a good reason. But I’ll never admit it, even if I just did. But I’ll deny it from now on. Ha! 

And the reason this is relevant is because there are essentially three types of CBD extracts I’m going to test. First is the standard CBD oil, which you’re supposed to either rub on an affected area, or else- and this is the primary recommended application- simply placing one or two drops under your tongue for systemic benefit. But, I personally don’t really like that application because you have to do it blind and I tend to miss, and the drop lands on my chin or shirt. Damn! I hate it when that happens! 

Anyway, regardless, I did it, but I didn’t do it very well. But I may have gotten a drop or two under my tongue where it belongs. But I probably wasted at least as much as I used. So, beneficial or not, I may not do that again. Who knows? I’ll think about that tomorrow; after all, tomorrow is another day. Okay, so that’s not an 80s-90s reference. More like 30s, but I don’t care, because it’s a great movie. 

But, beyond that, I rubbed what’s called Joint Balm (NO, not the kind of joint one might assume with a Cannabanoid extract) on my left shoulder. Now, I did this because the Joint Balm is intended for pain centered around joints, or bones, as opposed to pain centered around muscles. I didn’t use the Joint Balm on my right shoulder or right wrist so they could serve as the controls. I’m curious to see if the left shoulder feels any better, my hypothesis being that the right shoulder will see no change. 

Then I used the Muscle Gel product on Stumpy, that being what remains of my left leg, which constantly experiences severe muscle and nerve pain. So, it will be interesting to see what happens in all these areas. 

We now skip to the following morning. 

Honestly, I’m amazed! I hoped maybe I might see some minor improvement but thought that, even if I did, most of it might just be nothing more than the power of suggestion. The reality, however, is a little different. 

First, I felt significant improvement within about five minutes, both from the Joint Balm on my shoulder and Muscle Gel on my left leg. Seriously, I was shocked. I’d heard that people had experienced that, but I didn’t believe it. Hey, skepticism is my religion! 

So, here’s my take on just the first day of testing. And that’s what amazes me. I hoped that, over time, there might be some benefit. But I never expected this to be immediate. But it was. 

The pain in my left shoulder- and I can’t overstate how severe this pain had been- was almost entirely alleviated throughout the night. My leg pain was also reduced significantly to the extent that this pain didn’t increase due to lying down. I’m serious when I say this has never, ever been the case before. 

As a result, despite right shoulder and wrist pain seeing no improvement due to serving as the control group, I had my first night of nearly pain-free sleep in almost 20 years. I’m serious! 

I don’t want to jump the gun but, after one day of testing- and assuming these results continue- I have to say these Sucavu CBD extracts are nothing short of miraculous! I can’t want to see what happens as we move on. 

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