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This entry is somewhat short and sweet. 

As it’s now less than a week until Book One in THE LEGACY SERIES launches, things are heating up fast. Together with my friends at Black Chateau book promotions, we have already begun to gather together interview and appearance requests.

Some reviews and articles about THE LEGACY SERIES have already been published, with more and more on the way. A number of additional interviews are scheduled over the next few weeks. I’m also booked for numerous appearances at book conferences and fairs. Over time, more and more will be added to the list. 

For example, I’ll be in Los Angeles this month and again in April for book fairs and writers conferences. If you’re in the area, drop by and say HI. 

That’s it for now. Contact us, bookmark my website, join my FB group, subscribe to my newsletter. Beyond that, continue to check in here to see all the updates! 

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