Introduction to One Person’s Life Dealing With Autism and Disability

I’m both physically disabled and High Functioning Autistic, one of which is subjective and the other objective, at least for me. At this point, you’re probably saying, Say what?

I know. That seems to either make no sense, or else sounds like nonsensical double talk. But it’s true. It’s true because I’ve always been autistic and, to the best of my knowledge, always will be. It is therefore subjective. Not just for me, but for everyone.

Insights into Autism

As I have always been autistic, I have no idea what it means not to be autistic. It’s impossible for me to understand how differently I might think or feel were I to not be autistic. Similarly, anyone who’s not autistic has no way to understand how differently they might think or feel if there were autistic. And even manifestations within the spectrum vary so much from one person to another that there’s little real understanding.

So I can comment on things from my own experience but it won’t lead to anything tangible. Like, it won’t result in a cure or anything. It’s little more than a curiosity.

Physical Disabilities

My physical disabilities, on the other hand, are different. First, I haven’t always been physically disabled. I was severely injured in an accident, which resulted in amputation, nerve damage (resulting in severe, constant chronic pain), and other irreparable systemic damage. Then, that damage has resulted in secondary injury, which includes damage to organs and memory impairment.

But, as this was resultant from trauma, it’s an objective experience. In other words, I know what it feels like to NOT be severely physically disabled and I know what it feels like to BE severely physically disabled. Thus, I can speak from experience on both sides. And even if the injuries are irreparable, some of the symptoms could possibly be resolved, or at least improved.

To put it into perspective, the constant pain these injuries left me with is so severe that, were it not for effective pain medication, I would be completely incapacitated. I wouldn’t be able to function beyond lying in bed in agony. And I mean agony. I believe that were there no ability to control this constant level of pain, the only way to endure it would be to literally descend into insanity. That, or commit suicide.

So that said, despite any downside, a means of controlling this pain must be used. With that in mind, the only solution available to me for nearly 20 years has been daily use of Opioids and other powerful, nasty pain drugs. And after this much time those have, in their own right, become damaging, dangerous and life threatening. Because of this I’m always in search of any workable alternative.

A Hopeful Alternative

Lately, as everyone is probably aware, CBD oils and Cannibanoid derivatives have been touted as potentially effective alternatives to these dangerous drugs. Thus, I’m beginning tests on not just myself, but anyone within my personal circle of family, friends and acquaintances to gauge the effects on not just me, but on others I can personally witness. Not friends of friends of friends, but those I can see first-hand.

So I’ve researched and procured some quality Cannibanoids, and am about to begin testing. The issue is whether this pain can be controlled in any fashion via the use of Cannibanoid products. If the answer is yes, this could literally be life-saving.


Now, as a matter of 100% transparency, if these CBD products prove effective, I’ll spread the word. But as this is America, the land of opportunity, I would anticipate receiving a commission if I’m involved in these products being sold. I will not endorse a product I don’t believe in but, if a product proves itself to me and I recommend it, I will have skin in the game if at all possible. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Isn’t that the best of all worlds? Help people improve their lives, while making a living at it, which then only helps your ability to help even more people?

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