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To begin this blog series, I will mention that as a matter of course, there will almost certainly be one or two (or more) spoilers in all of my film or book commentaries. Yet, I feel no guilt or shame in this, as the subject of all my commentaries will probably be films and books that have been in the public realm for a period of time. Many of them for decades. Thus, if someone hasn’t seen or read them yet, tough. It’s your own fault. After all, we can’t be expected to hide their secrets forever.

More than likely, music blogs won’t contain spoilers. I’ll let you work out the reason for this on your own. But, that said, why films and books that aren’t brand new? I’ll tell you, now that you asked.

1) I rarely see new films in the theater as, being autistic and having to rely on a wheelchair when out and about, it’s usually not worth the effort to negotiate a crowded theater. Plus, what if someone actually happened to test out the theory and yelled FIRE in the crowded theater? Think about it. That could be ugly.

Not likely, you say? Then why would the Supreme Court have actually entertained the question? A-ha!!! Not as crazy as you thought, is it?

80s & 90s Rule!

And 2) As a great deal of my focus over the next few years is the Legacy book series, which is entirely immersed in the culture of the early 1990s, I will probably present my commentaries on a lot of music, films and books from that era (80s to 90s). Plus, that aside (and I say this because I have no doubt some astute observer will pick up on this at some point anyway and post it on my IMDb page, or their blog, or whatever- so I’ll beat them to the punch and concede the point up front), if indeed I have any kind of ‘trademark’ in my work, it is this.

I throw 80s-90s tribute Easter Eggs up the ying-yang in my work. Books, films, screenplays, TV episodes, music videos, etc. You name it, if I wrote or filmed it, it probably has 80s-90s Easter Eggs. In fact, I have an Easter Egg for the 1990 film Pump Up the Volume in the second paragraph of this blog. See? Now that you know, you’re going to see them everywhere. Probably even in places I didn’t wittingly place them. Hey, if someone points out a correlation that seems particularly clever or profound, damn straight I’m gonna take credit! I mean, I’m not crazy (btw, that is an Easter Egg for the 1981film Arthur).

But, no more hints. You’re gonna have to find all my other Easter Eggs on your own. And if you find them all, and follow the clues properly, it will lead you to the fortune in buried gold I have hidden in a famed and completely open and accessible public place. How cool is that? Then, you’ll have the money to buy the bridge I’ve put up for sale.

Buried Treasure

Okay, it’s true. There is no bridge. Nor is there any treasure. But there ARE Easter Eggs, and they’re just simply fun to find. And if they’re not found, they’re fun as hell to ME, because there’s something inherently cool in being the only one who knows the hidden secret behind a passage or reference in a book, episode, or film that one has written. So, either way, discovered or not, they’re all very amusing to me which is, of course, the real point after all.

But, more importantly, these commentaries will be a lot of fun to follow. As you can probably tell already, we can expect a sideways, unique, bizarre or, regardless, entertaining view of a song, movie, TV episode or book you may already be familiar with. But, seeing it through my eyes, you’ll probably come away with a view of it you’ve never considered before.

So, that’s it. That’s what we’re about here. Coming up shortly, my commentaries on the Downton Abbey movie and the 1990s TV series, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

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