CBD TEST 2: Muscle Gel vs. Joint Balm

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Given the success of the first day, on the second day I’m going to eliminate the control group and see what happens with the right shoulder and wrist as well. Which, if you think about it, kind of makes that a control in itself. Just a different kind of control. It’s honestly kind of eliminating some of the variables in the test, at least for now. Particularly for the wrist because, on the first day, there wasn’t any test on that at all. Or with the right shoulder. So, on this sample, I’ll be testing both shoulders, the wrist and the left leg. But I’m also changing the test up a bit as well. In the evening, I applied the Sucavu Muscle Gel to both shoulders, rather than the Sucavu Joint Balm.

I’m curious to see if there really is a difference between the two products, or if they’re essentially the same thing, but just packaged as two products so customers will buy both of them. Hey, as I said, I’m a skeptic. I’m then using the Muscle Gel on my left leg as well, as I did yesterday. Then, I’m applying the Joint Balm on my right wrist. 

What Happened After I Took The CBD Oil

I found that pain in both shoulders was almost completely alleviated within just a few minutes, while the leg and wrist also demonstrated tremendous improvement as well. So, at least at this time, the jury is still out on the difference between the Muscle Gel and Joint Balm

But, because of that, I’m also wondering if my initial assumption about the rotator cuff injuries might be a little off the mark. I’m curious whether there may be some other root cause for the shoulder pain, perhaps something more related to muscle injury than joint/bone injury. Who knows at this point? Regardless, there’s no question that the Sucavu CBD extracts are significantly reducing what has, to this point, been completely incapacitating pain. 

Bottle CBD Oil and Plant

Now, it’s interesting to note that the wrist hasn’t experienced nearly as much relief as the shoulders, so I can’t really rule anything out as yet on the root cause of the wrist pain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Maybe, but I’m not sure at the moment. 

As with yesterday’s test, my left leg has also experienced significant relief as well. Which brings up an interesting point. The pain relief from yesterday did dissipate with time. But it lasted through the night, which was the primary intent in using the CDB extracts in the first place. So that was very cool. 

Muscle Gel vs. Joint Balm

On the surface, I like the Muscle Gel more than the Joint Balm for reasons not at all related to their ability to relieve pain. Rather, the reason is that the Muscle Gel is water based, while the Joint Balm is oil based. Because of that, the Joint Balm leaves a little bit of a residue after application. I can’t help but wonder if it might stain clothes or bedding. I don’t know that it will, but it just seems like a possibility, given the oil base. So, on the surface, that’s a bit concerning. 

And, given that the wrist didn’t experience as much pain relief as the other three areas (both shoulders and leg) doesn’t add to my opinion as well, since I used the Muscle Gel on the shoulders and leg, and the Joint Balm on the wrist. I’ll be curious to change those up a bit in further testing and see what happens. 

Regardless, the bottom line is that, on the whole, using the Sucavu CBD extracts has reduced pain in every area I’ve tested, and done so to a significant degree on the shoulders and leg. So, after two days, I’m thinking there is something very real behind the hype surrounding CBD oil and extracts. It is, to this point, nothing short of amazing. 

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