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This is an overview of present conditions and what I’m hoping to discover with the use of CBD extracts. It’s obviously not a proper scientific study under clinical conditions, and with a large sample of subjects. Rather, it’s a small, private study on myself and a few people of my acquaintance, but using the scientific method to whatever degree possible. So, to begin, here is a description of the conditions relevant to the study, and what we’re looking at achieving, in subject 1. That being little ol’ me! 

But, just for fun, I’m going to dictate my medical report in third person although, in this production, I’ll be playing the parts of both the doctor and the patient. Cool, huh? But the voice you read will be that of the supporting character, the doctor. As the patient, I of course represent the lead role. So, here goes: 

The patient exhibits extensive nerve damage and above-knee amputation of the left leg, resulting in constant, severe chronic pain to the left residual limb, to which the patient affectionately refers as Stumpy. The other leg is Ren

Symptoms to Address

Amputation and systemic damage are resultant from an injury, which has also left Brandyn with systemic damage to bone, blood, tissue and skin, in addition to nerve damage systemically beyond just the primary affected appendage. The right leg, though not amputated, also suffered significant damage at the time of injury. 

Prior to the use of Cannibanoid products, Brandyn assumed that chronic and continual pain, oftentimes severe and debilitating, was irreversible and permanent even with the use of narcotic pain medications. Without daily use of powerful Opioid pain drugs, Brandyn would at all times endure such severe pain as to render him completely nonfunctional on even the most rudimentary level. Certainly without these pain medications, he would by no means be in a position to author books, nor even conduct the most mundane of daily activities. Even with these medications, his pain is not at all eliminated, but merely what I would consider managed

Patient reports that body position also greatly affects his pain levels. For example, lying down significantly increases the nerve and muscle pain in Brandyn’s left residual limb. Excuse me, that would be Stumpy. As a result, his sleep is severely affected, as constant pain renders it impossible to maintain anything resembling a normal sleep cycle. 

Therefore, Brandyn generally works at his computer throughout the night, going to bed only when his need for sleep overrides the pain keeping him awake. 

Other Contributing Conditions

In addition, Brandyn has had surgery for bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Recent circumstances required him to engage in months-long physical labor of which he is in reality not physically capable without causing himself serious injury. Not surprisingly he did in fact suffer significant injuries resultant from these activities. Both shoulders have become damaged and, in so doing, are virtually immovable. His right wrist has become injured as well, also resulting in severe pain, requiring him to constantly pop his wrist back into place to alleviate some of the pain. Essentially his wrist is constantly becoming dislocated and requires being reset several times a day. 

The patient’s assumption is that he has aggravated his right wrist Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and damaged the rotator cuffs on both shoulders. It’s possible both shoulders and the right wrist likely require surgery if the severe levels of pain in all three areas are ever to be alleviated. 

However, he also recognizes that this isn’t a feasible option as it would prevent him from using his crutches, which is his only means of meaningful self-sufficiency in life. Without the ability to get around on crutches, even on a limited basis, he would require a 24/7 caregiver. As he lives alone and the design of his home is incompatible with full interior use of a wheelchair, a caregiver would be required to assist him in nearly everything, from assisting in transferring meals to even getting to and from the restroom. 

Because of this, the patient is willing, due to circumstances, to deal with- and live with- his constant significant pain. Not by choice, but for lack of other options. 

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