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Brandyn Cross is an award-winning songwriter and singer. His love of Blues and Country music began as a child when he was heavily influenced by his grandmother who was also a recording artist. 

“Virtually every memorable moment in my childhood, whether happy or sad, is punctuated by a song. No matter the mood, there was always a hit song that perfectly defined my feelings at that moment in time.”  

His is credited for his international top 10 hits: ‘If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me),’ ‘Dear Mr. Jesus,’ and his top 10 music video — I Will Always Love You.  

His most recent song ‘Love Again,’ won Best Song at the prestigious Utah Film Festival Awards. He was honored for his composition and recording the award-winning tune; it was featured on the television series: Proper Manors.      

Brandyn is currently GM of Ken Kragen & Associates’ StarPointe Records, the record label to which he is also attached as an artist. 

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